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Philosophy of Teaching by Fenia Chang

Teaching is an art and a noble profession, one in which I take great pride and derive tremendous satisfaction. I prefer to create a warm, exciting teaching and performing environment that fosters an intense learning atmosphere. I look forward to entering the classroom or studio and engaging the learning process with my students. Through my interactions with them both in and out of class, I have the opportunity to help them achieve academically and grow professionally and personally.


Developing high-caliber students at the college level has always been an essential part of my teaching philosophy. As an educator I see my mission as twofold: that of communicator and facilitator. To impart

knowledge I must be able to communicate effectively. It also involves helping the student learn to think critically and work out solutions on their own through the transfer of concepts and skills learned. I constantly strive to facilitate this by provoking thoughtful discussions and guiding students through the transfer of skills and ideas to other applications.

The unique requirement of any specific degree program, and the students’ needs as reflected in that program also influence my manner of teaching that student. However, a Music Education major has specific needs which are not always consistent with those of a Performance major, and a Bachelor of Arts student may have different needs from neither of these, as it may be as music minor. I feel that a full comprehension of these distinctions is fully necessary before any music major student can make any meaningful decision as to what direction he/she wants to take in the future. Therefore, my method of teaching would vary and emphasize differently depending on what the student’s goals are before they complete their various degrees in music.

One of the things I enjoy most about teaching is the day-to-day interaction with the students. I find that I learn from them as well, and truly appreciate the opportunity to be a positive influence on them i

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